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We're here to help you answer questions about your next step.

You have options. Let us help you.

Art Institute students, we understand that you are facing uncertainty with the recent and sudden closure of some of your schools. We understand that you have many questions.

  • How will I finish my degree?

  • Will my credits transfer?

  • What about financial aid?

  • How do I get my education back on track?

You'll receive answers at Pennsylvania College of Art & DesignWe want to work with you and provide you with the best transfer experience and ensure your transition to is as seamless as possible. Our admissions team is ready to assist you. Contact us today and we will evaluate your transcripts, talk financial aid, and offer you a streamlined admissions process to help you get back on track.

If your Art Institute major was:

  • Graphic Design

  • Game Art & Design

  • Media Arts

  • Digital Photography

  • Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

  • Web Design & Interactive Media

We can assist you with transfer into these PCA&D degree programs: 

Next Steps

If you are ready to take the next step and start the transfer conversation, call or email us at (800) 689-0379, ext. 1001 or email us at We can work with you through an abbreviated admissions process. If you want to start the online application – reach out for a special fee waiver.

Information about obtaining their transcripts from Dream Center: Students who need academic transcripts can log into the Art Institute’s student portal and go to the “My Academics” tab. A financial ledger is also available through the student portal under the “My Finances” tab.
Financial Information:

Let's Meet.

Learn more about PCA&D at a campus visit. Located in the thriving art-focused community of Lancaster, PA, a personal visit is the best way to experience the vibrant creativity of PCA&D for yourself. Learn more about our world-class faculty from each of our degree programs, talk about housing and financial aid, and – most importantly – talk about planning for credit transfer.

Why Pennsylvania College of Art & Design?

PCA&D is a fully-accredited, private, professional art college offering four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees (the standard, professional degree in the arts). Located in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the school affords students a diverse, culturally-enriched lifestyle while maintaining the accessibility and safety of a small town. Our faculty are working, creative professionals, mentoring and preparing students to pursue art as their life’s work. Plus, 95% of our alumni are working or in grad school within one year of graduation.

Meet Erik Shirk, Current PCA&D Graphic Design Student and former Art Institute of York transfer:

"It was really scary for me to switch colleges when the Art Institute of York announced it would close and I did not know alot about PCA&D at the time. But PCA&D really reached out and went above and beyond my expectations when helping me enroll. When I got to PCA&D, it was like night and day. They have amazing faculty located in an amazing city, there is no deficit in opportunities. It is much more affordable and I think the atmosphere and connections you make at PCA&D are more meaningful."


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The Arts are Alive in Lancaster

The buzz of creativity is everywhere in downtown Lancaster – and PCA&D is right at the center of it all! Be inspired and be an inspiration as part of a thriving arts community. With a wide range of diverse and amazing dining spots, culture and community all around you, you’ll find it easy to fall in love with Lancaster City. Learn more about our housing options for students

Meet Ellie Cochran, Current PCA&D Digital Media student:

"I am originally from Pittsburgh and went to high school at Pittsburgh CAPA. A big influence on my decision to come live in downtown Lancaster was how much it resembled upstreet Squirrel Hill, which was near where I used to live in the city, and is a place I feel very comfortable. I was able to adjust quickly to living in Lancaster City; affordable restaurants are plentiful, the community is very friendly, and it’s easy to support small businesses because they’re everywhere."

Personal Campus Tours

If you cannot attend our open house, consider scheduling a personal visit. Personal appointments are scheduled Monday – Friday between 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. Call us at (800) 689-0379, ext. 1001 or email us at 

Connect with us


Brian Fenstermacher, a transfer student from Allentown and now a senior Graphic Design major says,

“Go for it and use Lancaster to your advantage. The school gives students a fantastic platform to go into the city and really find some meaningful work and people who are so supportive of what we do as artists. It’s difficult to make that change, especially once you have already situated yourself into a school but if you’re passionate about art/becoming an artist, moving to Lancaster and attending this school is so beneficial.”

Brian received an honorable mention at this year's Young Designer Packaging Awards for the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors. He traveled to the awards ceremony in California to the awards ceremony and while there met representatives of the major cosmetics packaging designers. A big Thank YOU to faculty member, Tom Newmaster, who once again led the way to our fourth recognition in this competition.

Read more about the transfer experience of Brian and other PCA&D student here.