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You won't want to miss the work of Miguel Horn, a Philadelphia-based large-format sculptor, who visits the College Friday, Oct. 18, for a noon lecture open to the public and a 2 pm demonstration for PCA&D students. Both events will be held in the Atrium. 

An artist with Colombian and Venezuelan roots, Horn integrates the natural and digital worlds, and emphasizes the role of artist and craftsman in an age of digital automation. His public works of art are on display on several continents (you can read the story of one recent Philly piece, from ideation to creation, here.)

Horn will be accompanied during his PCA&D visit by Joel Pollett from Cimquest, who will bring a handheld 3D scanner and work alongside Horn for the afternoon demonstration.

Horn talked with PCA&D about that tension between technology and human creativity; how they're intertwined; and the necessity of both techies and artists to find a shared language. Read on to find out more about his appearance at PCA&D:

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