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Tucked on a side street in Lancaster City's east end, the make717 makerspace is an exciting hive of creativity and experimentation.

CAD and design equipment and software, multiple 3D printing systems, 3D carving, laser cutting, machine and woodworking tools, open-source art robots... a workshop wonderland.

And now it's open for PCA&D students, faculty, and staff for free.

Two "makerPasses" now can be checked out from PCA&D's library by students, alumni or faculty. Attend a required tour event and orientation, and you can become a social member, using your pass during primetime member hours for up to two weeks at a time.

"The 3D printers and laser cutter get the most attention because they tie right into curriculum in several departments and are hot topics even outside a school of art and design," says Jeremy Waak, Chair of Foundation. Waak, and Natalie Lascek of Continuing Education, have been instrumental in setting up the PCA&D/make717 partnership. "But make717 is so much more than that. They have a full metalworking workshop: Lathes, mills, saws. They have soft-goods machines as well: industrial sewing machines; a computer-controlled embroidering machine.

"These could be useful to any number of students," Waak says. "It's hard to tell who might grab on to something there and blow us away with what they make."

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