PCA&D students to hold First Friday Art Market

Posted by Kathy Smyser on Mar 29, 2018 12:23:25 PM

Austin_Lord-Senior_IllustratorAt the first ever PCA&D Art Market during the April 6th First Friday, PCA&D’s illustration, fine art, design, and photography majors have gathered some of their favorite work to sell.

he Art Market will be held on the April 6th First Friday, 5:30-8:30 pm in the PCA&D Atrium, 204 N Prince Street, Lancaster and will feature all original and handmade items by student artists.

Patrick_Foley-Senior_Designer-1Participating Artists:

  • Shelby Young - Illustration
  • Annie Troller - Illustration
  • Elizabeth Geckle - Illustration
  • Andrea Ho - Graphic Design
  • Kelsey Harmon - Graphic Design
  • Sarah Garrett - Illustration
  • Willa Hutchison - Illustration
  • Paige Baxter - Illustration
  • Savanah Myers - Illustration
  • Peri Penrod - Illustration
  • Peri_Penrod-Senior-IllustratorPat Foley - Graphic Design
  • Joey Bend - Graphic Design
  • Karla Urgiles - Illustration
  • Naomi Hudnall - Graphic Design
  • Dyneisha Gross - Graphic Design
  • Emily White - Graphic Design
  • Casey Capece - Graphic Design
  • Kathryn Mikes - Illustration
  • Brian Fenstermacher - Graphic Design
  • Jareet Areese - Fine Art
  • Symone Saunders - Illustration
  • Zoe Bitner - DM
  • Austin Lord - Illustration

(Artwork shown: Poster by Austin Lord, Photography by Patrick Foley; Thank you card by Peri Penrod)

Also during first Friday at PCA&D:

In the PCA&D Photo Hallway: There will be an exhibit of student works; The Art of Pure Seduction, a look at the power of Advertising. 

In the Main Gallery: Gale Jamieson - The Space In Between. Gale Jamieson is a mixed media artist who works with the concept that “an idea seeks it’s own form.” Through Apr 20.

Your canvas stretches across a lifetime. Classes for all ages: Summer 2018

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