Your Passion for Animation Can become a Career

Posted by Admissions Team on Jun 30, 2015 2:30:00 PM

illus_3When the Minions hit the big screen in July, will you be the first in line to marvel at this latest animated feature? Will you be spellbound by the work of the artists and animators who’ve worked together to blend millions of separate illustrations into lifelike movement. You’ve got lots of ideas and you love drawing fantastic creatures.

How could you turn your passion for animation into a career?

illus_2Animators do a whole lot more than create children’s movies, and the field of Digital Media is blossoming. Animators use computers and digital tools to create special effects, animated graphics for websites, graphics for video games and mobile apps, producing simulations for the military and more. It all starts with vision. The animator’s way of seeing the world is a unique way of observing every little detail, from the movement of the trees in the breeze and what someone is wearing and how they move their hands.


It’s not just still details, but also movement and emotion, captured in a series of illustrations.illus_1

If this process excites you, you may have what it takes to excel in an animation career. But, like other artistic occupations, animation is a competitive field. And it’s more than learning to use your camera. You’ll need a focused education to hone your personal vision, artistic sensibility and technical skills.

Making art and making contacts.

An art college, like PCA&D can help you pull together all these elements necessary for a success as an animator. PCA&D, provides you all the tools you need in a creative hands-on environment. Students discover how craft and vision are inextricably bound, and develop strong visual skills and knowledge of the animation industry.

PCA&D also provides a required internship to help you make contacts within the industry. These professional opportunities, in addition to coursework, prepare students for a rewarding life after graduation. Animate your world at PCA&D.

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