Meet Casey Capece, PCA&D Student Ambassador

Posted by Nicole Duquette on Sep 27, 2016, 1:49:33 PM

Capece_Casey.jpegCasey Capece, a junior Graphic Design major from Francis Scott Key High School in Union Bridge, MD, is our featured student ambassador of the week. Casey was attracted to PCA&D because of its affordable cost, the program and curriculum, and how close it is to her Maryland home.

She enjoys her role as a student ambassador, especially helping guide other possible students because the decision process can be hard and stressful.

Casey was surprised by Lancaster’s diversity and describes PCA&D’s home own as “A neat place, lots of art around, but very close to the countryside, too. It has practically everything.”

DGI201_15_C.Capece_CentralMarketPromo.jpgSome of Casey’s thoughts:

What words of wisdom would you share with a prospective student?

“Pay attention and take good notes, and above all treat every project as a portfolio piece.”

When giving a tour what is one thing you are sure to describe?

“How close the students and faculty are and how small the student-faculty ratio is.”

Share an experience that impacted your understanding of the creative industry.

“I took a field trip (with the Graphic Design Department for the annual SPD-U PUB(lications) CRAWL) to Women’s Day and Entertainment Weekly and the publication industry is VERY fast-paced, more than what I thought.”

Which professor impacted you the most?

Professor Scullin, who taught me so much in drawing. I never really enjoyed it because I found it hard, but now I have gained the skill to draw from him and from Professor Mammarella.”

DGI.205.02.CCapece.QuickBrownFox.jpgWhen were you inspired by another student?

“Everyone has different tastes and has dome different things. I see people here who have done things that I want to try artistically, and I can just ask them.”

What activity at PCA&D will you always remember?

DESIGNATHON!” (The 24-hour Designathon is an annual event held by the college’s American Institute of Graphic Arts Student Chapter (AIGA) that provides professional-quality design services at no charge to area non-profits and to the community-at-large.)

What single tip would you tell an incoming student?

“Join a club!”

As a sophomore, Casey won first place for her "Marathon for a Marathon" event poster to benefit victims of the Boston marathon bombing that she entered in The Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF) 2015 Student Design Competition, The PIZZAZZ of Print!

Come to the next PCA&D Open House on Saturday, November 19, and meet Casey and the team of Student Ambassadors!


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