Fine Art students visit Philadelphia  art collectives

Posted by Kathy Smyser on Oct 17, 2016 4:19:54 PM


On Friday, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s Fine Art faculty and students toured six Philadelphia Artist Cooperatives and Artist Run Spaces in order to offer insights to how today’s working artists cooperate to operate to build community and exhibit work. Friday’s field trip included visits to:

Vox Populi, where students talked to Executive Director Bree Pickering and to Julia Staples, Vox Populi member and also a faculty member in PCA&D’s Photography Deparment, about the current exhibit, The Mission, and the structure of Vox Populi.

At Vox Populi, left: viewing "That Which Cannot Not Be". left: Bree Pickering talks about the collective's structure.


Napoleon, where students saw the current exhibit and talked with member Lewis Colburn and The Fabric Workshop, where students toured the Anne Hamilton Exhibit,  Silk Screening Studio and collection Archives.

At The Fabric Workshop: left: silkscreening studio; right: the archives.


Space 1026, where students talked with member Tuesday Kay  and saw “Ultra Blockbuster” multimedia show.

At  Space 1026: "ULTRA-BLUSTER"


The students also visited the Savery Gallery and the Fleischer Ollman Gallery    

 At the Fleischer Ollman Gallery : "New Geometries"


An artist collective is an initiative collective in which members share the financial and managerial responsibility of running a gallery to exhibit their work and support each other’s work. In addition to public gallery space, collectives often offer members studio spaces, joint purchasing and joint marketing. Artist collectives have existed since ancient Greece, and are often organized by artists who share common aesthetic and ideologies.

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