How to Make an Awesome
Portfolio Art Schools Will Crave

Learn to Build an Impressive Art Portfolio Colleges Will Crave

Planning to attend art school? Stressing out about which pieces to include in your portfolio? Relax! It doesn’t have to be scary.

The Pennsylvania College of Art and Design is here to share tips and industry insights to help you build an awesome portfolio any art school would be happy to review. Download our free guide, How To Make An Awesome Portfolio Art Schools Will Crave to learn:

  • Requirements for your Admissions Portfolio
  • Which pieces to use and how many
  • Best practices for submitting your work
  • Advice and guidelines for submitting digital work
  • Presentation and matting tips

Remember, in most cases, your art portfolio is a school’s first impression of you. Make it count. Download our free guide to give your portfolio an edge on the competition.

Impress Admissions with a Killer
Art Portfolio