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No matter what your age or educational background, put your inspiration to work with the region’s leader in art and design education. Our classes encourage artists of all age groups and experience levels to explore, enjoy and enhance their artistic abilities. Learn from experts and experiment with a variety of drawing and painting mediums.

Youth courses inspire young artists and encourage self-expression through art, while adult courses are available for both enthusiastic beginners and artistic professionals.

Why wait to unleash your full creative potential? Enroll today.


Adult Professional Development, Evening

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Design Principles - DES 150, Monday/Wednesday, September 17 - October 24th

DES 150, Mondays & Wednesdays, September 17 - October 24th

*No Class Oct 3rd and 8th

6pm-9pm, $475

Instructor: Megan Zettlemoyer

101_102415_PCADLearn the basics of using typography and its importance as a design element in publication (newsletters, magazines, brochures, catalogs) and website design. This course will teach you the fundamental skills necessary for much of your future work and education in print and web design.  Special attention is given to developing the problem solving skills critical to functioning in the design industry. Note: This course is a non-computer course.


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  • Tracing Pad: 14”x17”
  • Bound, white paper sketchbook 9”x12” or larger
  • Sketching & Drawing Pencil set with Kneaded Eraser
  • Circle Template- if needed
  • Micron Market Set
  • Color medium of your choice ( markers, pencils, paints, etc.)
  • 18” steel ruler


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HTML & Website Design - DES 155, Thursday, September 13 - November 15

DES 155, Thursdays, September 13 - November 15

6pm-9pm, $475, 1 credit

Instructor: Jonathan Ober

026_030917_NickMohlerThis course will teach you basic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which is used to generate home-pages and websites. The emphasis of this course is on basic HTML codes, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and skills needed to plan a web page. You will also learn file management, formatting for web pages, basic structural elements, text editing, image use, optimal file formats, and the use of color on the web. Prerequisite: DES 152, Adobe Photoshop or equivalent experience is required to enroll in this course.

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Supplies coming soon

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*NEW* Design Thinking Mind-Mapping Methodology - DES 205, Tuesday, September 4- November 13

DES 205, Tuesday, September 4 - November 13

No class 11/6

6 p.m. - 9 p.m., 1 credit, $475

Instructor: Constance Dunn Patterson

william-iven-19843-unsplashDesign Thinking is a method of creative problem solving that encourages thoughtful questioning and analysis to find innovative solutions. It has a strong focus on developing a deep understanding of those who interact with a product or service and is useful in tackling abstract or ill-defined dilemmas. It is not just a way of thinking, but a collection of hands-on methods used to problem solve.

Design Thinking is not just for designers, but also for leaders, entrepreneurs and staff who seek to integrate this method into their everyday work flow, organization, service or product- whether it currently exists or is yet to exist.

This class offers a comprehensive immersion into this process, focusing on the 5-phase model ( Empathize - Define - Ideate - Prototype - Test) which is used at Stanford's d.school, the leader in formulation and application of Design Thinking. Course content will be applied throughout class to solve real-world business or design challenges you wish to tackle.



  • Optional Reading:
    • Brown, Tim. (2009). Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. HarperCollins Publishers. ISBN: 9780061766084

This class is no longer accepting registrations.


Adobe Illustrator - DES 151, Monday, September 10 - November 12

DES 151, Mondays, September 10 - November 12
Monday, September 10 - November 12
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., 1 credit, $475
Instructor: Nancy Stamatopoulos


645_March2013_PCAD_TENNISONCreate illustrations, technical drawings, logos, informational graphics, and other visuals using the cutting-edge drawing tools of Adobe Illustrator. An industry-standard vector graphics program, Adobe Illustrator is used primarily for creating print, multimedia, and online graphics. In this course, you will learn to effectively use the Adobe Illustrator software program while completing illustration and design projects on the computer.




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Supply List:

  • Flash drive to save work

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Adobe InDesign - DES 154, Wednesday, September 12 - November 14

DES 154, Wednesdays, September 12 - November 14
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., 1 credit, $475
Instructor: Nancy Stamatopoulous


028_022316_TennisonAdobe InDesign is a page layout program used to create everything from restaurant menus to catalogs and magazines. An integral part of any designer’s Adobe toolkit – along with Photoshop and Illustrator – this program allows you to produce pages quickly and output them reliably – combining images and text for compelling results.  In addition to learning to manage the Adobe InDesign program, you will also complete your own design projects, in preparation for a variety of real-world design challenges.


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Supply List:

  • Flash drive 
  • Notebook or small sketchbook 
  • Pen, pencil, or fine tip marker

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Introduction to Digital Photography - PHO 193, Monday/Wednesday, September 10 - November 12

PHO 193, Mondays & Wednesdays, September 10 - November 12
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., 1 credit, $475
Instructor: Ole Hongvanthong


* This class is no longer accepting registrations.*


23331285_10213157687429870_9219902249195161204_oThis course is an introduction to the world of digital photography and the unique opportunities and challenges it presents. Confused about all of the settings on your camera? You will become proficient in the use of a digital camera, understanding how to control exposure through aperture and shutter settings. Learn basic photographic composition, basic editing with Adobe Photoshop, ISO, along with image sizing, what it means, and how it impacts the final result.


Supply List:

  • A 35mm digital camera that allows control and manipulation of exposure
  • Instruction manual
  • USB cord

Digital cameras that meet these requirements:

  • Canon: Any EOS and Rebel digital cameras
  • Fuji: Any Fine Pix “S” series
  • Kodak: Any “P” series
  • Nikon: Any “D” series
  • Olympus: Any “E” series
  • Panasonic: MMc‐L1K SLR
  • Pentax: Any K series
  • Sigma: SD‐14
  • Sony: Any DSLR‐A100 camera
  • Others may be applicable




Business Practices for Creatives - DES 200, Tuesday/Thursday, September 18 - October 18

DES 200, Tuesdays & Thursdays, September 18 - October 18
6 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., 1 credit, $475
Instructor: Jim Castanzo

079_030917_NickMohler-1This course is tailored to professionals in the creative industry including designers, illustrators, writers, artists, makers, craftspeople.

 This course is to help you understand the necessary steps in starting and running your business. Class lectures and discussions will include: writing and executing a business and marketing plan, branding your business, self-promotion using social media and online portfolio sites, presentation theory, types of portfolios, taxes and legal issues related to self-employment, basic business procedures (finding work, negotiating project specifications, contracts, agreements and getting paid), setting up a home studio/equipment/hardware-software, and how to interview.

  • You will complete a business plan, marketing plan, and customer personas.
  • You will complete the class with a defined understanding of how to brand your business.
  • You will know what you need to do to start and/or grow your business.


Supplies: Pen and Paper

 This class is no longer accepting registration.

Content Creation - SM 105, Thursday, September 13 - November 15

SM 105, Thursdays, September 13 - November 15
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., 1 credit, $475
Instructor: Ken Mueller

003_022717_PCAD_CENow that you’ve set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts, it’s time to go to the next level and make sure you are connecting with your target audience. Search engine optimization is critical for driving traffic to your blog and website. Measuring the results of your social media efforts is key to the success of your comprehensive marketing and communications plan. It’s important to know how to build a fully integrated strategy across all platforms. We will dig deeper into some of the platforms and concepts discussed in SM101, as well as cover new ground designed to give you a deeper understanding of online marketing and communications.

• You will understand the core concepts behind why and how individuals utilize various social
• You will learn advanced elements of Inbound Marketing.
• You will explore the role of blogging as part of an overall marketing plan.
• You will understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as part of the
process of getting found online.
• You will formulate an understanding of how to approach these channels from a marketing
perspective, while utilizing best practices.
• You will understand the differences between traditional (old) media and social (new and
emerging) media.
• You will comprehend how to fit Social Media into the business structure, and how Social
Media must be shared across disciplines.
• You will enhance skills in analysis, teamwork, and oral communication.

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Supply List: No supplies needed


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Botanical Art Workshop: Mushrooms - WS 110, Thursday, September 6
 WS 110, Thursday, September 6
10 a.m. - 3 p.m., $90
Instructor: Margaret Saylor

 20819187_1690761470956721_6374847400825370163_oMuch of the mystery and intrigue surrounding mushrooms stems from the tiny kingdom they inhabit on the forest floor. Enjoy this one-day workshop where you will examine different types of fungi and mushrooms, then sketch, compose, and build a painting or drawing that is uniquely your own. Learn how to incorporate secondary elements such as spiky grasses, brittle leaves, fuzzy moss, or satiny acorns to add interest to the composition. Draw in your sketchbook, or create a small painting using the barest of tea washes and application of tonal color patches and then develop and build color into your mushroom using a dry brush technique. All levels.


Supply List:

I’m a firm believer in using whatever materials you are comfortable with, as long as it is of a professional grade.

Below are some personal suggestions for materials you could use:
Drawing/sketch paper:
  • Consider using my new favorite sketchbook, Stillman & Birn Zeta series (available on Amazon).
  • Tracing pad, 9” x 12”
  • Graphite mechanical or regular pencils, 2H, HB, 2B, with sharpener
  • Tuffstuff eraser stick, and a new kneaded eraser
If you plan to paint with Watercolor:
  • Fabriano Artistico Traditional White 140# hot press watercolor paper, OR your current favorite hot press paper, cut into a workable size, 10 x 8 in or smaller, OR a piece of vellum cut to 7 x 5 in.
  • Viva paper towels (a few...very absorbent)
  • 2 water vessels (one for working water, one for clean)
  • White porcelain palette, with room to mix colors, or a white plate
  • Raphael #8408 Kolinsky Sable, #4 is my very favorite brush
  • DaVinci Maestro Kolinsky Brushes, long tapered round or round: #4, #6 are also good. The reason I love these, especially the #4, is the super-sharp needle-like point that has great spring and tension. They clean easily and last a long time. Choose one and it will serve you well for a long time.
  • Drafting tape
We all have our favorite palettes and paint. I build my own ‘earth and fungi’ color set by using an empty travel palette box with removable pans. You can purchase the smallest of watercolor tubes.
I have no allegiance to any particular brand of paint. I use Winsor & Newton, M. Graham, and Daniel Smith. Fill an empty palette with a fairly limited range of warm and cool yellows, reds and blues. If you are just starting out and want to buy as few paints as possible, start with these six:
  • French Ultramarine Blue
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Permanent Magenta
  • Scarlet Lake
To mix the ultimate fungi brown you will also need:
  • Perylene Maroon
  • Quinacridone Gold
  • French Ultramarine Blue
  • Winsor Violet
  • National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms (or any field guide you are comfortable using)
  • Magnifying lens
  • A camera, iPhone or iPad
  • Wax paper or wax paper bags and a container to transport specimens home
  •  Piece of foam core or oasis, toothpicks or small pieces of wood to prop up specimens
  • Ruler
  • Drawing board or hard surface to use as a portable easel. Would be great to be able to prop it up at a slight angle.
  •  Notebook/sketchbook for preliminary drawings and general research, notes
  • Ott light/battery powered

This class is no longer accepting registrations.

(re) Developing your Drawing Style - CE 14, Wednesday, September 12 - October 17

CE 14, Wednesday, September 12 - October 17
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., $215
Instructor: Matt Chapman

* This class is no longer accepting registrations.*


071_100815_PCADArt has a voice all its own - what is yours saying? This class focuses on creating a personal style. Demonstrations will emphasize experimentation with a variety of tools and techniques. The majority of studio time will be devoted to drawing or painting assignments followed by open discussions about your art-making experiences. This class will have you actively questioning your work with the goal of finding your unique voice as an artist.



  • Drawing Pencils (6b – 4h)
  • Charcoal (compressed & vine)
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Hard white eraser
  • Large drawing pad (Strathmore/ Canson drawing paper)
  • Large Newsprint pad
  • Pencil sharpener


* NEW * Intro to Illustration- CE 302, Saturday, September 29- November 3

 CE 302, Saturdays, September 29- November 3,

10 am - 1 pm, $215

Instructor: Jason Jolda



You will acquire fundamental illustration skills and become familiar with principal areas within the fields of Children’s Books, and Greeting Cards. You will explore a variety of techniques, while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Using your knowledge of drawing, design, and style, you will choose to create a story book concept or greeting card series throughout the 6 week course.  


  •  Solve illustration problems effectively and creatively by developing concepts with rough sketches, working with visual references, and creating a finished piece.
Improve technical skills during the course.
  • Create artwork proficiently using a variety of materials.

  • Analyze works of peers during class critiques using acquired knowledge of the principal processes of illustration.

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Supply List:

  •  Pencils ( A variety of “H” and “B’s” ) 
  •  Eraser
  •  11x14 sketchpad
  • Color Pencils
  • Ink Pens
  • Pencil Sharpener
  •  Ruler

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* NEW* Understanding Composition Through Line - CE 301, Thursday, September 13 - October 18

CE 301, Thursdays, September 13 - October 18
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., $245

Instructor: Don Victor

* This class is no longer accepting registrations.*


tim-wright-506560-unsplashLINE : Art-Design Thinking for Designing Artwork.
In this program, you will learn to design your lines and edges to capture and move the viewer's eye in order to trigger a deliberate emotional response. This is  important for clear visual communication. All levels are welcome.







Pastels - CE 182, Wednesday, September 12 - October 17
CE 226, Wednesdays, September 12 - October 17
10 a.m. - 1 p.m., $215
Instructor: Dot Stepenaski


This class will introduce you to pastel painting and the wide range of styles and techniques that can be achieved.  Learn about color gradations, modeling of form and softening with brushes. Pastels lend themselves to a great variety of color and style, and you will be encouraged to find your own interpretations of the subject matter. Color harmony, value and composition will also be explored in this class.


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  • Soft pastels – at least 75 sticks of assorted colors – Nupastels and Rembrandt are good brands for beginners
  • Charcoal
  • pastel paper (for experimental portions of class a pad of pastel paper or a few sheets of Canson Mi-Teintes neutral/white/gray pastel paper is ok)
  • 9 x 12 sanded pastel paper
  • Support board
  • artist tape
  • Old cloth for floor under easel (should a pastel drop, will cushion the fall)
  • Grey scale (you can print this out at home or buy one online)

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Acrylic Painting and Mixed Media - CE 238, Wednesday, September 12 - October 17
CE 238, Wednesdays, September 12 - October 17
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., $215
Instructor: Justin Phillips



Mixed media is a dynamic way to add dimension, energy, and complexity into your art.  In this class, use acrylic paint and other art materials to create mixed media works of art as a way to energize your art practice.  You will explore developing textured surfaces to paint on, collage, combining various styles of mark making and a variety of painting techniques. This is a class for those who are interested in expanding their creativity. Explore various materials, blending, washes, glazes, other techniques, and color theory in a six-week painting course ideal for beginners or as a refresher course.

  • You will be introduced to methods and techniques of mixing dry and wet mediums
  • You will push your creative work in new directions through contrasting methods of mark making, materials and methods of image making.
  • You will gain a foundation level color theory


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In this mixed media class, we will be experimenting a lot with the combination of wet and dry media to create our imagery.

You may use the following dry materials.  If you do not have these you may purchase some of them or all of them. You can usually get smaller sets of these materials.  Once again it is not necessary to have of them but I would have at least one set of the following dry materials

You may work with...

  • Oil pastels
  • Color pencils
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Color pencils

In addition, please start to collect photos for a collage assignment.  These can be photographs, magazine clippings, interesting textured papers. handmade papers and fun physical textures that you may find.  Be creative and have fun collecting potential materials I would also find a folder or a box to store these materials.

Paint, I recommend Liquitex Basics, however, if you already have another brand that is fine. Please avoid craft paints, as they are too fluid and do not blend well.

Bring the following colors:

  • Titanium White
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Primary Yellow
  • Cadmium Red Medium
  • Burnt Umber
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Dioxane purple

Brushes, a variety pack of synthetic or nylon including, roundedflat and filbert.

(If you have brushes no need to purchase new brushes, bring in what you have)

  • 8 OZ bottle of Gesso to prime our surfaces
  • glue stick

Surfaces to paint on:

Watercolor paper or canvas paper, these come in packs, a minimum size of 11” x 14”. If interested, you are also welcome to substitute the paper with stretched canvas.  If you have other surfaces that you would like to paint on please let me know.  This is an experimental class so I am open minded to what you have at home and how we can transform that into works of art.

  • Palate paper 9”x12” or regular painter’s palate
  • Old fabric rags from home
  • Canister for water

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* NEW * Hand Lettering - CE 303, Monday, September 10 - November 12

CE 303, Mondays, September 10 - November 12
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., $430
Instructor: Jeremy Friend

* This class is no longer accepting registrations.*


olia-gozha-683765-unsplashLetterforms express more than information, they can also convey sensibilities, ideas, and emotions. You'll learn the language of letterform. This course is designed to provide informative initiation into the discipline of hand-lettering. You'll learn information on the history of hand-lettering, and instruction and demonstration of traditional and digital techniques. You'll learn to be adept at a variety of media and styles, become a problem solver, symbol-maker, and social/cultural reporter.



You will demonstrate an expanded knowledge of hand-lettering. For some students, this will mean learning the difference between creating
art for him/herself and for a client. Along with learning how to balance self-expression and individuality with marketable work, it is also a goal for the students to become more aware of past and present typographers and lettering designers, as well as the current goings on and trends of the type and
lettering world.
You will demonstrate improved craftsmanship skills. This will be achieved through experimentation with new mediums, styles and techniques as well as learning the fundamentals of type and lettering composition, line quality, and mood and how all of these elements impact a hand-lettered
You will master good work habits. These habits include organization skills, problem-solving skills, achieving focus, following the directions given
for assignments, and meeting deadlines.
You will show a mastery of forming constructive personal opinions about hand-lettering. He/ she will learn to think about his/her own work and the work of their peers and how to state these opinions effectively, constructively, and concisely during critique


  • Pencils & Erasers Staedtler Lead Holder - 2mm graphite - hard and soft graphite 
  • Hi-Polymer Eraser (2) - 
  • Pentel Artists’ tape 
  • Ruler
  • Paper: Smooth white printer paper (fine tooth) 11x17 
  • Ultra Smooth Bristol board (for long project assignments) Strathmore Series 400 Smooth 14”x17” 
  • Tracing paper (prefer the roll kind, but the pad works too)
  • Pens:
    • Tombow Dual Brush Pens - Black (10)
    • Tombow Dual Brush Pens - Blue (2)
    • Tombow Dual Brush Pens - Orange (2)
    • Pentel Color Brush - Black - medium soft - (5)
    • Pigma Micron Pens - Black - 005-05 and Graphic 1, 2
    • Pilot,Pentel Pocket Brush pens - Black (1) soft (1) hard
    • Kuretake Disposable Pocket Brush Pens - Black - Super fine, Fine, Medium
    • Copic Marker - Black - (1)


Figure and Portrait Painting - CE 304, Monday, September 10 - October 15
CE 304 , Monday, September 10 - October 15
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., $215
Instructor: Evan Kitson

099_102214_PCAD-1In this course you will complete a number of oil paintings and studies from the live figure model with a focus on gesture, proportion, perspective, and color. Figure anatomy will be discussed, as well as contemporary observational color theory and it's application in oil painting from life. Multiple figure pose strategies will be demonstrated with oil paint, and two portraits will be completed, one with an anatomical focus, and another with a focus on design.

*The first half of this course will make use of the live nude figure model.

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Note: An more detailed supply list is provided upon registration. Please contact the Office of Continuing Education if you have any questions (717)396-7833 ext. 1019.



  • Generals brand Charcoal Pencils
  • Generals brand White Charcoal Pencil


  • Graphite pencils 4B, 2B, HB, 2H, and 5H would be great.
  • Kneaded eraser
  • General Pencil’s Factis BM-2 Mechanical Eraser
  • Sand paper 220 Grit
  • Bristle Brush for blending
  • Blending stumps or blending tortillions
  • Single edged razor blades
  • Drawing Board/Support for your surface:
  • Paper towels or rag


  • 18”x24” drawing paper


  • Your preferred band or medium
  • To Start, bring this palette:
  • Raw Umber, Titanium White, Ivory/Mars Black
  • Grey primer for work surface


18”x24” stretched canvas, primed panel or canvas on panel

More on that and other material tips can be found here: https://newamericanpaintings.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/painting-youre-doing-it-wrong/



  • A selection of at least 6 brushes


  • Paint thinner/ mediums kept in a sealed glass or metal container



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Figure Sculpting - CE 159, Tuesday, September 11 - October 16
CE 159, Tuesdays, September 11 - October 16
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., $215
Evan Kitson

625_March2013_PCAD_TENNISONIn this course we will be completing a number of figurative sculptures and anatomical studies from observation of the live figure model. Working with either air-dry clay or oil-based clay, we will cover strategies for composition sketches, an anatomical skull study, a portrait, and both short and long full figure poses. We will be covering structural figure anatomy with an emphasis on how form impacts function, and how we can engage with gesture as a rhythmic element within our designs.

*Half of this course will be making use of nude figure models.

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  • Sketchbook
  • Metal Wire for armature building: 9-10 gauge 14-16 gauge
  • Needle Nose/Long Nose Pliers
  • 8”x10” scrap wood base that's about 3/4”-1” thick
  • Modeling tools: A basic set should do you just fine. You can find sets at AC Moore or Michaels.
  • Knives: One more blunt, like a cheap butter knife and one a bit sharper such as a utility knife.
  • Clay:  5lbs of oil-based clay. You're looking for non-hardening, non-bake, reusable clay. This is usually called plastallina, or oil-based clay.


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*NEW* Creative Writing - CE 430, Tuesday, September 11 - October 16

CE 430, Tuesdays, September 11 - October 16
6 p.m. - 9 p.m., $430
Instructor: Sophie Roman


* This class is no longer accepting registrations.*


 Creative Writing course that focuses on the four major writing genres: Creative Non-Fiction, Short Fiction, Poetry/Lyrical, Speeches/ Public Speaking with the goal of becoming a more clear and effective writer and communicator. We’ll cover the basic foundations for each genre, and through writing exercises and class critique, establish a foundation for your writing process and finding your voice. The class will then culminate in a final project utilizing all four genres to tell one complete narrative.



  • Blank notebook or writing journal
  • Laptop or computer with a Google Docs account




Youth / Kids / Elementary & Middle School

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Youth Studio I Grades 1.2.3 - YS 11, Saturday, September 29 - November 17

 Saturday, September 29 - November 17
10 a.m. - 12 p.m., $175
Instructor: Lisa Wilson

Youth_Studio_Art_with_Lisa_Wilson-886952-edited.jpgA class for the budding artist to experience a range of art making techniques and materials. K12 Certified Art instructors will guide your child through a variety of materials and techniques, such as drawing, painting, and at least one 3D project. During this once per week class students will experience their imagination coming to life. All youth studio instructors are K-12 certified with thorough background clearances, and assignments vary for each semester and section, so there is always something new to learn! NOTE: Supplies are provided for Youth Studio courses.

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No Supplies Needed

Learn More About Your Instructor:

Where is your hometown/where did you grow up:

I grew up outside Lancaster in the beautiful rural farmland of Gordonville/Paradise area.

 Where did you go to school/ degrees or certifications you hold:

Graduated from Millersville University with a BS in Art education and am certified K-12

Prior work experience/ current:

Currently I work as a therapeutic staff support in a life skills classroom in the behavioral health field. I assist clients with behavioral needs in the school setting. I have been an adjunct faculty instructor in the youth program at PA College of Art and Design for over 19 years. 

What kind of art do you make /what is your favorite medium to work in?:

I love being creative making with found objects, recycling and re-purposing things. Oil pastels and water color are my favorite mediums.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not making art?:

My hobbies include spending time with our two dogs watching my children play soccer, gardening, family trips to Mexico, day trips exploring, and visiting any beach! I also love to just be outside in nature. I am married with two children. My daughter will be a freshman at Penn State and my son is a freshman in high school. 

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Youth Studio II Grades 4.5 - YS 12, Saturday, September 29 - November 17

YS 12, Saturdays, September 29 - November 17
10 a.m. - 12 p.m., $175
Instructor: Lyndsay Tingler

Youth_Studio_Art_with_Lyndsay_Hoke-115823-edited.jpgA class for the budding artist to experience a range of art making techniques and materials. K12 Certified Art instructors will guide your child through a variety of materials and techniques, such as drawing, painting, and at least one 3D project. During this once per week class students will experience their imagination coming to life. All youth studio instructors are K-12 certified with thorough background clearances, and assignments vary for each semester and section, so there is always something new to learn! NOTE: Supplies are provided for Youth Studio courses.

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Learn more about your instructor:

What is your favorite medium to use? 

I love using latex and acrylic paints. The color choices are endless and the application is smooth. I consider myself an abstract expressionist, letting my emotions guide my aesthetic decisions.

Why does art matter?

Art is all about the process! It’s such a rewarding avenue to explore; all while experimenting, problem solving, discovering and taking chances. You can really learn a lot about yourself through your creativity (Yes! Everyone has some creativity within them!) and willingness to try new things.

Who is your favorite artist?

One of my favorite artists is Moe Brooker, a fellow abstract artist. My favorite historical artist is Vincent van Gogh. I was never a huge fan until I saw his work in person and I was blown away by the textures and colors. Truly magnificent!

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Young Artist Academy Grades - YS 13, Saturday, September 29 - November 17

Saturdays, September 29 - November 17
10a.m. - 12 p.m., $200
Instructor: Carol Aument

141_102415_PCAD-464960-edited.jpgYour child has a creative spark; let’s nurture their curiosity and artistic ability in a supportive weekly class that encourages exploration. Using the principles of design and art history as a foundation, your pre-teen / teen will learn the significance of thinking like an artist as they learn a mix of different art-making techniques, including drawing, painting, sculpting, and more. Lessons will help inform and enhance their personal development as a young artist. This program is open to all skill levels, and provides an atmosphere for self-discovery, camaraderie, and small group learning. At the end of the session, each student will have a mini-exhibition during the larger Youth Exhibition & Reception to celebrate their artistic journey. All materials and supplies included in the cost of the class.

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Learn more about your instructor:

Where is your hometown/where did you grow up: I grew up in Lancaster County.


Where did you go to school/ degrees or certifications you hold: Attended Millersville University I have a BFA in Fine Arts and a teaching certificate K-12 both from Millersville


Prior work experience/ current: I am an instructor at PCAD. Both my husband and I do commercial photograph and wedding photography: Dave and Carol Aument Photography:


When did you first become interested in art/do you have a specific memory that you associate with this:

I have been interested in art since I was in elementary school. I had a wonderful, creative teacher who inspired me to pursue my love of art.,


What kind of art do you make /what is your favorite medium to work in: My favorite medium to work in is watercolor.  I enjoy the innovative beautiful work of our famous Lancaster County artist, Charles Demuth.


What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t making art: I enjoy strolling the streets of Lancaster during the “First Friday” events and looking at the artwork in the galleries.

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Homeschool Art Studio - YS 40 - Tuesdays, September 18 - November 6

YS 40, Tuesdays, September 18 -November 6, 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m., $95

Instructor: Lyndsay Tingler

Let your child explore their inner artist, build a solid art foundation, and leave the mess with us.

Through this 8-week class, students will gain experience in art-making techniques while developing their creative thought process. Students will be guided through discovery learning anchored in art history, and methods of creating. Because the class size is limited, each child will be met at their skill level with individually tailored lessons. 

Keep learning after class. Parents will receive some helpful prompts for art history lessons such as web links to videos, book references, short bios of famous artists, etc. All materials and supplies are provided for this class. Open to ages 6-13. 

The college is conveniently located in downtown Lancaster within a short walk from many coffee shops, bakeries, Central Market (open on Tuesday), public library, galleries, and more for parents and younger siblings to explore.

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Full STEAM Ahead for grades 3.4.5 - YS 56, Saturday, September 29- October 20

YS 56, Saturday, Sept 29- Oct 20,

$97, 10 a.m.- 12 p.m.


Full STEAM ahead! Integrating Art with Science and Math

randall-bruder-136626-unsplashLearning through the arts is a dynamic way to engage students of all ages! But arts integration is more than just an engagement strategy. It’s a powerful way for students of all ages to gain and express understanding of all subjects!! This fall, PCAD is offering two 4-week arts integration workshops for students in grades 3-5 focused on STEAM subjects of science and math. Each weekly lesson will help enhance and inform both the student’s personal development as a young artist in a variety of mediums and  math and science concepts.

Second Section runs Oct 27- Nov 17 and will have different project.


All Supplies Are Included

This class is no longer accepting registrations.

Full STEAM Ahead for grades 3.4.5. - YS 56, Saturday, October 27-November 17

YS 56, Saturday, Oct 27- Nov 17

$97, 10 a.m.- 12 p.m.


Full STEAM ahead! Integrating Art with Science and Math

170_072011_PCAD_TENNLearning through the arts is a dynamic way to engage students of all ages! But arts integration is more than just an engagement strategy. It’s a powerful way for students of all ages to gain and express understanding of all subjects!! This fall, PCAD is offering two 4-week arts integration workshops for students in grades 3-5 focused on STEAM subjects of science and math. Each weekly lesson will help enhance and inform both the student’s personal development as a young artist in a variety of mediums and math and science concepts .

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All Supplies Are Included

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Elevate your potential.  Jumpstart your new year.

Ignite your passion for making art and jumpstart new professional skills this winter. Join PCA&D, the region’s leader in art and design education, and unleash your personal potential. Elevate your thinking, making, and design skills to new levels in classes for children, teens, and adults. New daytime classes on weekdays for adults, Saturday classes for kids and teens, and our weeknight classes are convenient for working professionals.

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