Navigating Negativity: What to do When Things go Wrong - WS 106- Thursday, Aug 9 [fa icon="chevron-down"]

WS 106, Thursday, August 9: 9am -12 pm


Social media and the internet in general have allowed us to grow our audiences and amplify our message; these tools have allowed us to connect with customers and community members in real-time.

But what happens when things go wrong? When a complaint goes viral? When what is perceived is not the truth?

Don't let these "what-ifs" prevent you from harnessing the power of social channels, though. This session will share proactive tips on how to prevent social media push-back (such as establishing monitoring procedures), and dive into what to do in scenarios of varying degrees of crisis and sensitivity, from a one-star review to a negative news story.

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360 Person Branding- WS 112- Thursday, September 27 [fa icon="chevron-down"]

WS 112, Thursday, September, 9am-12pm

$60.00, Instructor: Constance Dunn

Learn how to use the branding process to create a strong personal brand and increase your communication effectiveness at every point of personal and professional contact.

Workshop attendees will learn the essentials of people perception (the process by which human impressions are formed), and use this knowledge to define and communicate their personal brands from a 360 degree perspective, from verbal and written communication to style, movement and manner.



Marketing Communication Essentials: WS 113: Thursday, October 11 [fa icon="chevron-down"]

WS 113: Thursday, October 11 9am-12pm

Cost: $60.00

Instructor: Constance Dunn

There’s a toolbox of communication choices today at your fingertips for promoting products and services. This workshop helps students become familiar with available communication channels, as well as how to choose the most effective ones for your needs—and understand what techniques and strategies will be the most effective for each. Learn to create effective messages through a range of marketing communications, from traditional (ads, press releases, websites, etc) to video, social media and more.

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Camera Ready WS 114- Thursday, October 25 [fa icon="chevron-down"]

WS 114, Thursday, October 25: 9am -12 pm


Instructor: Constance Dunn

Corporate videos. Skype interviews. Facebook Live. Video calls. Employees and entrepreneurs are increasingly called upon to use video in the course of everyday business. From understanding the fundamentals of on-camera technique to creating scripts and establishing rapport with your audience, this workshop will cover the essentials of communicating with ease, authenticity and professionalism in front of the camera.