The Art & Science of Storytelling- WS 104- Thursday, May 17 [fa icon="chevron-down"]

WS 104, Thursday, May 17th, 9 am -12 pm

$60.00 , Instructor: Donna Talarico

Part feel-good, part practical, this presentation looks into the art and science of storytelling. First, we’ll cover why we, as humans, crave narrative. You'll explore effective campaigns that span mediums and industries, both for marketing purposes and internal team-building. After covering the science of stories and enjoying examples together, we’ll dive into the art of crafting stories that engage and covert. Finally, you'll learn ways you can manage and your story ideas within your team or across your organization.




Feel Confident Talking about Art- WS 107- Friday, June 8th [fa icon="chevron-down"]

WS 107, Friday , June 8th 9am-12 pm, $60

Instructor: Matt Chapman

 Picture this, you're walking down Gallery Row and you see a painting in the window of a gallery. You turn to a friend and say "I like this, but I wish I could explain why" or maybe you see another that you don't really care for, but don't exactly know how to explain your thoughts. These sort of conversations can be difficult to navigate.

_Matt's a great instructor. Personable, helpful, engaging, and encouragingLearn how to talk about art.

Feel Confident Talking about Art will offer you the foundation in which to build you artistic opinion. Thoughtful insights into the creation of artwork, honest conversation, and a dash of art history will have you feeling ready to take on the challenge of sharing your thoughts on works ranging from painting and photography, to sculpture.




Savvy Social Media for Artists- WS 103- Tuesday July 12 [fa icon="chevron-down"]

WS 103, Tuesday, July 12, 6pm-9pm

$60.00, Instructor: Evan Kitson


In this workshop, professional artist and instructor Evan Kitson will provide a survey of social media platforms and their functions as they pertain directly to both the emerging and the working artist. Kitson will demonstrate how to gain the most out of these essential networking platforms to help you not only promote your own work, but to discover new and exciting artists and communities you may not be aware of.


You'll learn about:

  • Branding
  • Curating imagery and content
  • Photographing your work
  • Internet etiquette for successful social media marketing and engagement.
Come learn how to use the these free social platforms in a way that makes sense for you while building your community of fellow artists and friends! 


Paid Social Media Marketing: Boosts Posts and More- WS 100- Tuesday, July 19 [fa icon="chevron-down"]

WS 100, Tuesday, July 19, 9am-12pm

$60.00, Instructor: Kris Bradley


Description coming soon


Developing a Social Media Branding Guide- WS 105- Thursday, July 26th [fa icon="chevron-down"]

WS 105, Thursday, July 26th 9am-12 pm


It's important to establish a consistent voice and tone across all of your communication channels. In this interactive class, you'll learn how to develop, distribute, and manage an internal style guide to ensure you're messaging is on brand at all times, from an email subject line to an annual report. Aside from brand, an in-house style guide also standardizes editorial process, bringing efficiency to your efforts. This course is especially helpful for organizations with multiple people -- such as staff members, freelancers, and volunteers -- responsible for writing and editing web, print, social, and other content.



Navigating Negativity: What to do When Things go Wrong- WS 106- Thursday, Aug 9 [fa icon="chevron-down"]

WS 106, Thursday, August 9: 9am -12 pm


Social media and the internet in general have allowed us to grow our audiences and amplify our message; these tools have allowed us to connect with customers and community members in real-time.

But what happens when things go wrong? When a complaint goes viral? When what is perceived is not the truth?

Don't let these "what-ifs" prevent you from harnessing the power of social channels, though. This session will share proactive tips on how to prevent social media push-back (such as establishing monitoring procedures), and dive into what to do in scenarios of varying degrees of crisis and sensitivity, from a one-star review to a negative news story.