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Visitors to the Gallery at PCA&D take time with Ana Vizcarra Rankin's "Old Midsummer," part of her solo Butterfly Effect exhibition.


Being in the presence of art often inspires our own creativity -- however we choose to express it, whether through writing, or music, or dance, or visual art we feel compelled to create.

Two Continuing Education classes this spring take full advantage of PCA&D's current gallery exhibition, Butterfly Effect, to kindle participants' own creative flames.

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For Alana Coates, who's built a career at galleries and museums of all kinds, the role of a gallery at an art college is especially pivotal.

"The enhanced hands-on learning opportunities that a gallery provides as a platform of creative exploration is crucial for students to transition to successful creative careers outside of school," Coates says.

Coates, whose tenure at PCA&D began at the start of this academic year, comes to the College after filling a wide spectrum of roles in museums as well as commercial and academic galleries. The opportunity to help create, shape, and refine opportunities for students here, she says, was irresistible. She's drawn to the chance to spotlight creative perspectives that challenge, educate, and inspire students in their own work.

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Posted by Jennifer Kopf on Jan 4, 2020 7:30:00 AM

"Sanctuary," 2018 (detail), Erick Antonio Benitez.

Focusing on contemporary issues, says artist Erick Antonio Benitez, brings an immediacy to artwork, a chance to immerse an audience, to inspire reflection, and -- when everything clicks -- to perhaps effect change in real time.

It's the final week for Esta Tierra Es Tu Tierra (This Land Is Your Land) in The Gallery at PCA&D, Benitez's multimedia exhibition on display since November. The Salvadoran-American artist's collection of photos, documentary film, and found objects document his travels over the length of the U.S.-Mexico border. Reflecting the stories of migrants, border agents, and Minuteman militia members, Esta Tierra Es Tu Tierra is a living archive of how contemporary American policy impacts and shapes the lives of those who experience it.

Based in Baltimore, Benitez earned a BFA in Painting from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014. We talked to Benitez about the demands of focusing art on contemporary issues, his process of compiling many pieces into multimedia, multidisciplinary artwork, and the rewards of uncovering timeless themes living within real-time events:

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