Posted by Kathy Smyser on Jul 6, 2018 6:52:44 PM

 Country Meadows & Ecumenical Retirement Community  is hosting a display of PCA&D students’ illustrations at the WITF Media Center, 4801 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111, from the 2016 contest they held with senior PCA&D illustration students. The exhibit will be up through Aug. 31.

In 2016,  Country Meadows  invited Pennsylvania College of Art and Design senior illustration students to participate in a cover art contest for their children’s activity book on understanding dementia—The Unforgettable Adventures of Grandma’s Cape. The students created illustrations that capture the unbreakable bond between a grandparent and grandchild, despite the effects of dementia.

While only one illustration was selected for the publication, Country Meadows was so impressed with the students’ various interpretations of dementia and relationships, that we made the decision to share all the beautiful pieces of art, with students’ permission.

The Unforgettable Adventures of Grandma’s Cape was written by Executive Director of Memory Support Joel Kroft, and tells the story about an awesome cape-wearing grandmother who bakes the best chocolate chip cookies and has a forgetting disease. Gabby Hoffman, illustration student, Class of 2016, was selected to illustrate the book.

Read more about the project here.

Copies of the publication are free to exhibit visitors as well as information on dementia.

You can explore the illustrations at WITF’s Public Media Center located at 4801 Lindle Road in Harrisburg, during the station’s regular business hours.


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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Jan 31, 2018 3:55:04 PM


PCA&D’s junior-level graphic design Motion Graphic class, taught by instructor Chris Ruch, paid a visit on January 29th to TC Motion, a motion communications content provider serving advertising agencies, broadcasters, and corporate communicators located in West Hempfield Township, Lancaster County.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Apr 18, 2017 3:34:57 PM

Department sponsors Young Professional Chat Series

The Illustration Department sponsored "The Young Professional Chats" series this Spring, during which three young and successful illustrators, Liz Cleaves, Linus Curci, and Mike Yakovlevskyped in to speak with the senior Illustrators about the transition from student to professional within the Illustration Industry.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Mar 9, 2017 1:19:19 PM

 Sometimes life compels artists to use their art to speak up about issues in the community. In September 2014, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design alumnus Adam DelMarcelle, class of 2010, came face-to-face, on a very personal level, with the drug abuse crisis in his hometown of Lebanon, PA, when his brother died of a heroin overdose.

Artist talk: Adam DelMarcelle "Thoughts From a Design Activist," Monday March 20, noon at PCA&D

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Oct 17, 2016 4:19:54 PM


On Friday, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s Fine Art faculty and students toured six Philadelphia Artist Cooperatives and Artist Run Spaces in order to offer insights to how today’s working artists cooperate to operate to build community and exhibit work. Friday’s field trip included visits to:

Vox Populi, where students talked to Executive Director Bree Pickering and to Julia Staples, Vox Populi member and also a faculty member in PCA&D’s Photography Deparment, about the current exhibit, The Mission, and the structure of Vox Populi.

At Vox Populi, left: viewing "That Which Cannot Not Be". left: Bree Pickering talks about the collective's structure.


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Posted by Kathy Smyser on May 29, 2016 4:30:00 PM

The lazy hazy days of summer! The dream of every child.

However, there are 1,992 hours to fill this year between Memorial Day and the start of the third week of August, when Lancaster County children head back to the classroom. With nearly 2,000 hours to fill, it’s no wonder that parents often hear, “I’m bored.”

Here’s some ideas to prevent your child’s summer boredom, and at the same time, have fun and explore their natural creativity.

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Posted by Eric Weeks on Apr 2, 2016 3:44:00 PM

Christian Patterson will give an Artist Talk in PCA&D's Atrium on Tuesday April 5, 2 p.m., and will meet with the Photography majors after his presentation.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Mar 11, 2016 4:10:57 PM

As a child, Gabby Hoffman, a senior illustration student at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, thought of her grandparents as heroes. So when Country Meadows Retirement Communities challenged her senior-level Illustration class at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design to create a character for its book, The Unforgettable Adventures of Grandma’s Cape, featuring a cape-wearing grandmother, the concept resonated with her as did the memory of a family member who had dementia.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Jan 21, 2016 12:02:10 PM

Shannon McCoy, Photography, PCA&D class of 2015 was surprised to find that her art history classes at PCA&D came in quite handy. Shannon photographs glassware for Susquehanna Glass Co., Columbia, PA, and replicated Renaissance still lifes for one of their ads. No one in the company’s design group knew about this style, and Shannon enjoyed teaching them about it.

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Posted by Nick Mohler on Dec 11, 2015 3:36:05 PM

Are you responsible for maintaining the website for your company or for a group? Here’s some tips to make your task easier:

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