Posted by Mia Aquino on Jun 24, 2019 2:36:26 PM

Hello! My name is Mia Aquino and I am excited to be joining PCA&D this summer, teaching SM 105 Content Creation. I am a social media strategist and entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience leading social media for news, media, and entertainment brands. I feel very lucky to have found a career in social media, something I’m passionate about.

I am the Founder of Hat Tip Digital LLC, a social media marketing agency based in Lancaster, PA. Hat Tip Digital works with individuals, businesses and brands to make a powerful customer connection through social media. At Hat Tip Digital, I have taken my knowledge and experience of what works, what doesn’t, and what brands can do to really reach their audience in the social space.

Before launching Hat Tip Digital, I worked in-house in various social, digital, and content roles. I was previously the Director, Social Media Marketing at Publishers Clearing House, where I oversaw the social, influencer, and content strategies. I led the audience growth, social, and partnerships strategies at WME | IMG’s fashion OTT Made to Measure, as well as strategy at VH1 and Fusion. I also worked in social media, engagement, and content roles at The Huffington Post, CNN, and in the local markets at KDKA Radio Pittsburgh. I received a B.A. in Journalism from Penn State University and was the spring 2017 commencement speaker at Penn State Beaver.

My career has been focused on creating engaging content experiences, marketing that content to audiences, fostering digital communities, and growing those audiences. One of the greatest things about content marketing is that we have real-time feedback. Your audience tells you what they like, what they don’t, and it is your job as a creator to make sure your content stands out. You need to understand what content works for your audience and why.

When I saw the opportunity to teach at PCA&D, I knew it would be a great fit for me. Over the course of my career, I have met many people intimidated by social media. I hear things like “it’s too complicated” or “my audience isn’t there.” I want people to know that even though social media marketing seems difficult, there are many things you can do to make it work for your audience and your brand. If you know who you audience is and you understand what content they seek, you are on your way to growth and success. I am happy to be bringing my experience to PCA&D to help you enhance and grow your content marketing skill set.

In this summer's Content Creation course, we will spend 5 weeks focusing on content creation and storytelling. You will hear me hammer the importance of knowing and telling your story. We will start with an introduction to Inbound Marketing, where we will learn why and how marketing has changed. From there, we will move towards the evolution of blogging and look at how to get found online. The course will also focus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and best practices for growing your audience.

Class assignments will train you to recognize what makes “best-in-class” social media content stand out, and enable you to create your own. At the end of the course, students should understand what makes a piece of content engaging, best practices for creating content across social media platforms, and ways that content can be marketed and measured. And, as always, I am happy to answer any questions you might have about content creation and social and digital media.

Please feel free to reach out to me @SocialMia on Twitter and Instagram.

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Posted by Kristi Barto on Jun 18, 2019 1:32:56 PM

Looking to expand your design knowledge with Adobe Illustrator or add to your professional credentials in graphic design? We've got you covered. This summer, faculty member Matt Hannigan is teaching our Adobe Illustrator course on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Not only is this course a must for those wanting to learn more about the possibilities within Illustrator, but it is also a core course in several of our professional certificate programs.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Jun 14, 2019 3:53:41 PM

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is pleased announce that Rachel Boldt, Christiana, PA, a junior fine art major, has been selected as the very first recipient of the Mary Colleen Heil Presidential Scholarship.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Jun 14, 2019 11:49:15 AM

After reviewing many outstanding applications, PCA&D's Fine Art Residency committee is pleased to announce that Jason Herr, class of 2016, was selected to be our first PCA&D Alumni Resident. He will be working in the  College's studio, printmaking lab and digital print lab to further his artistic projects.


“When I was attending PCA&D I was able to complete many projects using the media and tools available. However I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to explore each one to its full potential. I would also use this opportunity to push my own work into a more unique and personal space by reexamining my thesis ideas and experimenting with new ways to express them. I will explore the different tools and media made available more thoroughly, and use the 3D workshop to make a few wood sculptures that would complement my 2D work,” said Jason Herr.

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Posted by Justin Phillips on Jun 11, 2019 6:39:00 AM

I'm Justin Phillips and I am a professor at PCA&D in the BFA degree program, specifically teaching in the College’s Foundation Department, and I am an instructor in the College’s Continuing Education program. I’m also a PCA&D alumnus, having graduated from the BFA program in fine art. I also received my MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

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Posted by Kristi Barto on Jun 4, 2019 10:13:13 AM

Leah Limpert Walt is a painter, sculptor, and draftsman living and working in York, PA and received her BFA in Fine Art from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. She has shown in New York City, Philadelphia, Bethlehem and throughout the lower Susquehanna Valley. Leah is an amazing artist and we're thrilled to have her back on campus as an instructor in two of our summer courses hosted by our Continuing Education department - " Color Lab" in our pre-college program and " Sculpture: Content, Process &  Experimentation" in our adult (ages 16 and up) program. We sat down with Leah to do a small Q&A to learn more about her and her influences as well as the courses she will be teaching at PCA&D.
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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Jun 3, 2019 12:23:34 PM

Ninety-three students from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design were honored for achieving the requirements for Dean’s List following the Spring 2019 semester. They are:

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on May 30, 2019 8:51:53 AM

Or perhaps "Hat's On!"

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Posted by Natalie Lascek on May 24, 2019 9:23:29 AM

Linda King Brown is PCA&D's Chair of Liberal Arts. She attended Hobart & William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York for her undergraduate education where she majored in English and minored in Art History, often researching and writing about the intersection of poetry and art. Her honors thesis focused on the work of poet John Ashbery and his connection to the Abstract Expressionist artists of the 1940s and 1950s, and another capstone project explored the poetry of William Carlos Williams and the work of the avant-garde artists of the early 20th century. During college, she lived in Florence, Italy for three months and gained an even deeper appreciation for art history. She then attended the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago for graduate school and earned a masters in journalism.

From there, she headed 30 miles out to sea and became a staff reporter for the Nantucket Island Inquirer & Mirror. Life eventually led her to PCA&D in the fall of 2005. Linda's love for the written word and for art history made her a good match for teaching writing, communications, and literature at an art & design college. 

Outside of teaching, Linda also writes poetry and has participated in readings at various local venues over the years. In 2010, she was appointed as PCA&D’s “poetry guru” and led the poetry selection committee for the Poetry Paths installation by Mary Szybist and PCA&D alums Root 222 in the College's portico.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on May 6, 2019 5:06:07 PM

On Thursday and Friday May 2 and 3, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design honored and celebrated its 51 graduating seniors of the Class of 2019 who received their bachelors of fine arts degrees on Friday, May 3.

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