Alumni art at City Hall: Mythos

Posted by Kathy Smyser on May 31, 2018 2:32:11 PM

Albatwich by emily adelblutePictured: Emily Adelblute's “The Albatwitch of Chiques Rock," a short manlike creature, also known as the apple-snitch because of their fondness for apples. (16 x 20 in. Oil on canvas) 

Emily Adelblute, PCA&D alumni, Illustration ’13, and current Admissions Counselor at PCA&D, is rightfully proud of her first curatorial experience! Her show, Mythos: Family Folklore of Lancaster Artists, will be on display during the month of June at the Lancaster City Hall Gallery, 120 N Duke Street.


Five local artists, including Adelblute and two other PCA&D Alumni, Alexandria Bonner, Fine Art ’16, and Thabani Ndlovu, Fine Art, ’17, will share their artwork representing folk tales from all over the world. An opening reception will be held at the Gallery on First Friday, June 1, from 5 – 8 p,m.

According to Adelblute , “There’s an undeniable magic in folklore. A folk tale can be as old as time yet somehow it never feels outdated. We can easily apply the morals and lessons to our modern day lives. Whether we grew up in sleepy small towns or sprawling metropolitan cities, lore has the immense power to bring people together, to inspire, and to give meaning to life’s big questions."

Below: two other pieces by Emily Adelblute “River Witch of Marietta” full of mysterious glory, and the Pennsylvania Dutch “Belsnikel,” carrying a switch to discipline impish kids.     River Witch Emily Adelblute    belsnickle by Emily Adelblute


Ndlovo's  pieces in the show are based on the stories of Anansi, the trickster god of stories from Ghana, which he grew up hearing and reading about. Pieces in the show by Bonner, who will publish her first children's book, Ember, in 2019, relate to the family member’s most memorable family traditions, which may pass onward to future generations.

Also in the show are Lancaster artists Jonathan Almanza and Salina Almanzar.


Artwork by Edward Berkowsky

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