Posted by Kathy Smyser on Sep 20, 2017 4:02:47 PM

Last month PCA&D published a newly redesigned website. With the goal of making the website more engaging and easier to navigate, the new site has a fresh look and feel, and is designed to be responsive and improve our ability to share what is happening here at PCA&D, and share the great art made by our students and faculty.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Sep 14, 2017 4:32:50 PM

"Being an artist is for you to have your own vision!"

That's the start of the new PCA&D video, commissioned by the College's admisions office to share the strengths of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design to prospective students. Featuring the voices of PCA&D students, they share how PCA&D students are fueled by the energy that radiates when art and artists are all around you.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Sep 14, 2017 3:17:30 PM

Two teams of PCA&D students will be participating in the  first-ever College Tube Roll Competition, part of the annual  Lancaster Letterpress Fair, on Saturday, September 16,12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 300 Block of North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Sep 12, 2017 3:58:36 PM

Internationally renowned Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed spoke to students, faculty and community members at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design via Skype from Dubai today, about why he uses carpets as the basis of his art.

Since he was young, Ahmed had been struck by the nature of traditional carpets of his homeland Azerbaijan. According to Ahmed, studied the carpets and learned, throughout his county’s history, starting with the Zoroastrians several thousands of years ago, then Christianity, then Islam, then communism, and now secular society, and the carpets, and the patterns in them, were the same. The carpet connected all these cultures.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Sep 11, 2017 4:50:46 PM

Every year for nine years, right before spring break, PCA&D students shut themselves in to give back to the community.  At the annual Designathon, PCA&D’s Graphic Design Department and the student chapter of AIGA (The American Institute of Graphic Arts) coordinate the event, a 24-hour marathon to design quality graphics materials for local non-profit organizations.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Sep 8, 2017 3:48:37 PM

PCA&D Photography Chair Eric Weeks, will be traveling to Pingyao, Shanxi, China later this month for a solo exhibition of his work “A Rose By Any Other Name” at the 17th China Pingyao International Photography Festival.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Sep 7, 2017 2:44:13 PM

Classes began this week at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design with the highest student population since 2012 returning to campus.

Last week, during Foundation Orientation, a panel of returning students offered advice to new students on how to make the most of their time at PCA&D. Here are some of their words of wisdom by Julya Nichols, senior Photography major, Noah Miller, junior Digital Media major, Brigitte Errickson, junior Fine Art major, Peri Penrod, senior Illustration major and Casey Capece, senior Graphic Design major.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Aug 28, 2017 2:10:35 PM

Visit all the stops during the first annual Print Crawl around downtown Lancaster, and you’ll go home with a beautiful poster featuring iconic Lancaster City, designed by PCA&D students Austin Lord and Catherine Spengler!

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Aug 25, 2017 1:11:56 PM

Today is move in day at Steinman Lofts, home to many of the members of PCA&D's Foundation Year students. Today, with the help of family and friends they are focusing on unpacking their belongings and exploring Lancaster City. Next week is Orientation, designed to help them get the most from their art college adventure! Classes begin on September 5.

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Posted by Kathy Smyser on Aug 24, 2017 10:02:14 AM

At today's annual fall convocation, Mary Colleen Heil, President of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, announced that after a quarter century, she will retire in June 2018.

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